FAQ – Frequent Questions

What points do I get for signing up?

You don’t receive points just for signing up for our site. However, to help start you off, you receive:


500 points to create your avatar

500 points for sharing us on Facebook

500 points for getting your first achievement


You also receive 10 points for logging in daily.

What do I earn points for?

Points are earned for:

  • Logging in daily
  • Playing games
  • Rating games
  • Leaving comments on games
  • Getting achievements
  • Playing in contests
  • Winning contests
Why won’t the game show up after I click “Play Now”?

Some games do not work as well if you have an adblocker installed. Try disabling your adblocker and refreshing the page to see if the game works. If it still does not work, please report the game using the flag. You may also try refreshing the page without disabling your adblocker/if you don’t have an adblocker.

How can I promote IncrediGames as an affiliate?

To promote as an affiliate, you have to register as a user. Once registered, you can access the Affiliate Area withing your user account.

There you will find your referral url to use for promotion as well as promotional materials, web banners, to use for promotion and linking.

How much can I earn on IncrediGames?

There is an unlimited amount of points you can earn. This site is meant to provide you with free, fun, online games, and to give you the opportunity to earn some money for having fun on our site.

What is Satoshi ?

Satoshi is a unit of bitcoint…in other words something like cents to the dollar. There is 100 million of satoshi to 1 bitcoin.

When will you pay me ?

We have a 20,000 Satoshi payment threshold. Once this is reached in your account, we will transfer 20,000 to your account at Xapo tied to your email address when you registered. It is therefore important that your email address is valid and current.

How do I register as an affiliate ?

You must apply to create an affiliate account. You can find promotional materials such as banners of various formats in the affiliates section of your account.

How much do I earn as an Affiliate?

If you send us users that are converting, that is playing the games and earning bitcoins on the site, you will get 20 percent of their proceeds as long as they keep coming here…that is for life. So if a user you have referred to us gets 20,000 satoshi per month, you will get 20 percent of the proceeds, that is 4000 satoshi.

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