Miner Block

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Miner Block

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Miner Block


This is a logic kind of game, where you have to get the Miner block full of precious metals out of the mine, being blocked by other carts full of coal and rubbish. The further the harder it gets.

Uploaded on: 02 Jul , 2016 Uploader: Maskyd Categories: Puzzles Comments: 2
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Comments #2

  • lorraine

    I am tryng to locate your support contact address and unable to. I purchased the game below. Since then, my computer went down and I purchased a new DELL computer and am trying to install the following but am unable to. It freezes. I tried the support email listed on your DVD for this game I purchased – but it does not work.

    Please let me know how to reinstall this game. I purchased it and also purchased the DVD so would like to play it.

    08 Apr , 2017 Reply
    • Maskyd

      Hi Lorraine, we are not related to the previous, therefore we are not able to help you with this request.

      17 May , 2017 Reply
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