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This is a tricky card game with lots of technicalities and you really have to know the details to play well. 

Once you know your cards, you have to chooses three cards and pass them face down to another player.  The passing of the cards is done prior looking at the received face down cards from the opponents. The passing rotation also has a certain rule..first cards to the left, then to the right, then across the table and then no passing and the rotation continues until the game end.

A player having 2 of clubs after the passing from the opponents, plays a card to start the first round of trick. The opponents must follow suit if they have cards, if no cards are available from the suit led, any other suit card can be passed. Exception to the rule : if a player has no clubs, when a trick is started with clubs, a heart or Queen of Spades cannot be played. The highest card of the suit wins the trick and the winner gets all the cards in this trick and gets to start the next round.

Hearts cannot be the starter cards until the Queen of Spades has been played – hence the name of the game – and this is then called Breaking of the Hearts. A heart in a trick is counted at the end of each run and counts for 1 point, Queen of Spades counts for 13 points. The game is played till 100 points and the player with the lowest score wins.


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