Fruit Break

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Fruit Break

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Fruit Break


The classic mobile fruit crasher…you have to slice as many fruits as possible in a time limit of 60 seconds. Avoid bombs that are mixed with the fruits.

Uploaded on: 13 Feb , 2016 Uploader: Maskyd Categories: Action Comments: 7
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Comments #7

  • Susan Reincke

    I have been using Oberon Games Dream Vacation for years but after having a virus on my laptop I lost the games, tried to get it back with no success, is there anything you can do to help me restore who get a new download please, I spend hours doing these games

    24 Nov , 2016 Reply
  • beverlydeornellis

    Why can’t I find my games I own anymore

    26 Dec , 2016 Reply
    • Maskyd

      This is a new site to the previous

      11 Feb , 2017 Reply
  • reeeco

    I set up my avatar last week and it still won’t display even though I clicked save. An ideas what I’ve done wrong please??

    17 May , 2017 Reply
    • Maskyd

      Hi Reeco, thanks for using the site…please try again, it should work. Thanks !

      17 May , 2017 Reply
  • Janet

    How can I access my games. The Oberon site is gone and this one does not recognize my email.

    20 May , 2017 Reply
    • Maskyd

      Hi, we are not related to the previous site..thanks for visiting !

      20 May , 2017 Reply
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